Monday, May 23, 2011

Texas Trip

Last Christmas my Mom and Dad gave Dustin and I a trip to San Antonio, Texas as a gift to visit my brother, sister-in-law, and baby nephew. So we went the first week in May and had such a wonderful time. It's amazing that being away from family seems like such a long absence, but when you're actually in the same room together, it seems like yesterday. So here's some pics from things we kept busy with.

The Alamo: Historical stop
"Would you wanna see Dustin Hoffman save the Alamo?" (great line from 'While You Were Sleeping')
The Cavern:
We went down about 400 feet into this amazing cavern which was extremely humid. One of my favorite parts of this stop was the group touring in front of our group was a men's chorus and they would stop and sing. It was so gorgeous in the first place because who doesn't love a men's chorus? and also because the acoustics of the cavern completely illuminated the sound and it was beautiful!
Next, dinner at 'Mamacitas' - very much like Los Hermanos. Because it was almost CB's birthday, Dustin told the waiter and out came the sombraro. We all had to take a turn wearing it, of course.
The Riverwalk:

Sleepy baby

"Smitty's Barbecue" in Austin: The real stuff!

Six Flags:

Hanging out:

Maiden Voyage

Lately I've had an itching for a bicycle. I miss riding around in the early summer evenings because it's so fun and relaxing. So for my graduation present, that's just what I got! Dustin actually got really excited about taking up biking as well. So he got a roadbike from a friend and he's loving it! So for part of our second wedding anniversary celebrations, we took the bikes out for the first time and absolutely loved it!! It's been a fun way to spend time together and enjoy being outside. A little exercise isn't too bad either :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Favorite Pic of the Moment

This was taken last year when Theatre Ballet performed at the Conference Center for Winterfest. Kim and Hilary (the two surrounding me) are such awesome friends and gorgeous dancers. Although I'm not dancing on the company this year, they still send me texts telling me they miss me. This picture is cute and posed, but really, we can be so crazy silly and I love it. So this is a little shout out to them for being such awesome girls! "I be seeing you en tdo daiyssss..."

Christmas 2010

A new (much needed) laptop! Dustin got his big Christmas present a little early - totally against my ideals - but this year was different with traveling to Scotland. Oh well! Merry Christmas!!

Thanksgiving 2010

Well I managed to make my very first pie (apple...yumm!) this past Thanksgiving and it was fantastic if I do say so myself. I must say that I felt very domestic and festive ;)

Then we headed down to St. George for Thanksgiving -

I love these shots of some of the cousins playing basketball.

Happy Halloween!

Joe and Jane

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Dancer Can Golf?

Shocking ... I know! I took a golf class this semester because it is Dustin's "thing" and I wanted to learn and be able to golf with him. So back in October we finished our third round of golf at East Bay in Provo. It was so fun for me to learn and better appreciate something new to me that my husband loves. Dustin is such a good golfer and I'm amazed at the control and precision he has gained. He was such a trooper because I admit the second round was tough for me with a couple terrible holes. I guess I just wanted to be so good at it ... I guess I'm a little naive like that. But hey, we had so much fun together and I'm so so glad that I got the opportunity to learn to play golf and share it with my husband!